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I am a Product Designer and tinkerer currently working as a STEAM teacher. I have a passion for the intricacies of interfaces that (barely) separate human from machine. My work is multidisciplinary, crossing Art with Technology and Sexuality and ranging from UX Research and Design to Creative Coding and Physical Computing.




S e l f i e from Julia Aguiar on Vimeo.

The short film Selfie is an invite to reflect upon the process of self-portrait creation by artists. Script, producing, filming and editing were done for the subject Edition and Post-production of moving image at PUC-Rio university.

Production members: Esther Laudier, João Roma & Julia Aguiar

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O curta Selfie é um convite à reflexão sobre o processo de criação de auto-retratos por parte dos artistas. Roteiro, produção, filmagem e edição foram realizados para a disciplina Edição e Pós-produção da Imagem em Movimento da PUC-Rio.

Integrantes da produção: Esther Laudier, João Roma & Julia Aguiar