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I am a Product Designer and tinkerer currently working as a STEAM teacher. I have a passion for the intricacies of interfaces that (barely) separate human from machine. My work is multidisciplinary, crossing Art with Technology and Sexuality and ranging from UX Research and Design to Creative Coding and Physical Computing.



'Pistache' is a lamp inspired by the classic children's toy Jacob's Ladder, combined with the idea of modularity. Each module contains a LED strip wired to a set of magnets, positive and negative. The base module of the lamp is connected to a power source and other modules connect sequentially through the magnets.

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'Pistache' é uma luminária inspirada pelo brinquedo clássico Escada de Jacó, combinada à ideia de modularidade. Cada módulo contém uma fita de LED soldada à um grupo de ímãs, positivo e negativo. O módulo-base da luminária é conectado a uma fonte de energia e os outros módulos conectam-se sequencialmente através dos ímãs.