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I am a Product Designer and tinkerer currently working as a STEAM teacher. I have a passion for the intricacies of interfaces that (barely) separate human from machine. My work is multidisciplinary, crossing Art with Technology and Sexuality and ranging from UX Research and Design to Creative Coding and Physical Computing.




Pendio, from the italian "slope" or "curve".

This project was developed under the theme "coffee and tea kitchenware". As a group, we chose to explore the environment of everyday coffee intake in shops of Rio de Janeiro. Once observing as participants, we were interested in the design of the espresso cup grip – and why it was so ergonomically inappropriate.

After identifying the issues, we started sketching alternatives and testing different grips and shapes. Model making through foam and clay made discoveries more clear.

Members of the group: Esther Laudier, Julia Soares & Nathanne Siqueira

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Pendio . do Italiano "morro" ou "curva".

Este projeto foi desenvolvido sob o tema "louça para café e chá". Como um grupo, decidimos explorar o ambiente do consumo cotidiano de café nas lojas do Rio de Janeiro. Uma vez que observarmos como participantes, nos interessamos na forma da pega da xícara de espresso – e o porquê de ser tão ergonomicamente inapropriada.

Após identificar as questões, começamos a desenhar alternativas e testar diferentes pegas e formas. Modelagem através de poliuretano e clay tornaram as descobertas mais claras.

Integrantes do grupo: Esther Laudier, Julia Soares e Nathanne Siqueira