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I am a Product Designer and tinkerer currently working as a STEAM teacher. I have a passion for the intricacies of interfaces that (barely) separate human from machine. My work is multidisciplinary, crossing Art with Technology and Sexuality and ranging from UX Research and Design to Creative Coding and Physical Computing.



I'm Esther Laudier, born and raised in Rio with passage through Brisbane and London. I dedicate my life to designing things. Speculative things, critical things and challenging things. I'm interested in how systems work and how to break them. Curiosity might have killed the cat, but it hasn't killed me yet!

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Eu sou Esther Laudier, nascida e criada no Rio com passagem pelas cidades de Brisbane e Londres. Dedico minha vida para o design das coisas. Coisas especulativas, coisas críticas e coisas desafiadoras. Interesso-me pela maneira como sistemas funcionam e como quebrá-los. A curiosidade pode ter matado o gato, mas não me matou ainda!

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